The Belong Guide to Inspiring Leadership Communication

Olly | 31 May 2017

The spotlight is on leaders to be a source of energy and inspiration for their organisations. What does it take to be prepared, focused and ready to excite an audience?  And how can we become better coaches for the leaders we’re working with?

“When leaders are robotic and it's clear someone else has written what they're saying and it doesn't sound like them — how can you trust them?”

This is just one of the employee insights that inspired us to write the Belong Guide to Inspiring Leadership Communication. This is our (recently updated) compendium of advice for people who help leaders to communicate with employees and stakeholders. Download your copy here to get:

  • Insights from Belong’s research into the impact of leadership communication
  • A holistic picture of the ‘constellation of leadership communications’ 
  • Practical advice on crafting and delivering a story

Be warned: this is not a guide to communicating with extra gloss and shine. It’s about helping leaders to talk with clarity, share insightful stories, be authentic and engaging, and learn from feedback.

Happy communicating!